Exclusive on 2016 FDI Summit Slovenia: Alexandra Mousavizadeh, Director of Prosperty Index at The Legatum Institute

  • In November, The Legatum Institute, a London based research institute, released its 10th annual global Prosperity Index, a huge survey that ranks the most prosperous countries in the world. Covering 149 nations over the past decade, the Prosperity Index provides insight into why some countries have seen their prosperity rise, why some have seen it fall, and why some have stagnated. In the 2016 rankings, Slovenia is placed 20th on the world prosperity scale, which means that Slovenia is one of Europe’s most prosperous nations, helped along by the best natural environment of any nation on earth.

    FDI Summit Slovenia organizers are proud to announce that on the occasion of 2016 FDI Summit, which will be held on Tuesday, 6 December, participants will have a unique opportunity to listen to Alexandra Mousavizadeh, director of Property Index at The Legatum Institute, who will exclusively present the latest research findings and offer a unique insight into how prosperity is forming and changing across the world.


    For more details about “Global Prosperity Index” http://www.prosperity.com

    & Legatum Institute http://www.li.com