Investment Environment in Slovenia is among the most stable ones in CE and SEE

  • On the occasion of the 2016 FDI Summit Slovenia, December 6, Dr. Jure Stojan from The Institute for Strategic Solutions, will present a forecast of changes in the stability of investment environments and current investment issues in Central and South East Europe, with special focus on Slovenia.

    Ljubljana based Institute for Strategic Solution prepared its 4th annual foresight of political, social and economic trends titled ‘Strategic Foresight 2016: Central and South East Europe’. It includes a forecast of changes in the stability of Investment Environments as well as expected political, social and economic uncertainties in 16 Central and South East European countries. In its Foresight ISR concludes the economic situation in the last four years has improved significantly but it emphasises it will take some time before the citizens will feel the positive effects. The problem of disharmony and disunity among the EU Member States, could due to their inability to reach consensus on specific matters in the next year become even more evident. In 2016 ISR considers Slovakia and Slovenia as most stable Investment Environments among the analysed countries.

    »Out of all 16 analysed countries Slovakia, Slovenia and Czech Republic have the most stable Investment Environments in 2016. This comes as no surprise as the three countries are politically relatively stable. Apart from that Slovakia and Czech Republic also have one of the strongest economic growths in the EU. Slovenian economy is also expected to strengthen further and stabilise, mainly due to export and domestic consumption growth, in 2016,« claim the representatives of The Institute for Strategic Solutions.

    “If in the past we were constantly looking at negative or minimal economic growth in the relatively stable political environment, we can clearly see this trend is turning around,” said the director of ISR Tine Kračun, while at the same time adding that “political and social uncertainties are strengthening, which clearly shows that positive effects of the economic recovery are not yet seen in the social sphere.”