FDI Summit 2016

  • The FDI Summit Slovenia 2016 is structured around three key concepts/pillars:
    1. Prosperity
    2. Competitiveness
    3. Talent
    which are perceived as strong magnets for future investors.

    The conference will open with a keynote address from Professor William Lazonick, University of Massachusetts Lowell (USA) and visiting professor at the University of Ljubljana. Lazonick’s research focuses on the social conditions of innovation and economic development in advanced and emerging economies. His book, “Sustainable Prosperity in the New Economy: Business Organization and High-Tech Employment in the United States” was awarded the 2010 Schumpeter Prize. Professor Lazonick explores the origins of the new era of employment insecurity and income inequality, and considers what governments, businesses, and individuals can do about it. His Harvard Business Review article “Profits Without Prosperity: Stock Buybacks Manipulate the Market and Leave Most Americans Worse Off,” was awarded the HBR McKinsey Award for outstanding article in Harvard Business Review in 2014. In February 2016 Oxford University Press published his co-edited book China as an Innovation Nation. Lazonick is currently completing a book, The Theory of Innovative Enterprise, to be published by Oxford University Press.

    The keynote speaker for the first pillar of the FDI Summit – Prosperity – will be Alexandra Mousavizadeh, Director of the “Global Property Index” at the Legatum Institute, who will exclusively present their latest research findings and offer a unique insight into how prosperity is forming and changing across the world. In November 2016, the London-based Legatum Institute released its annual Prosperity Index research, which gauges the wealth and wellbeing of 142 countries. In the 2016 rankings, Slovenia is placed 20th on the world prosperity scale. The “Global Prosperity Index” can be found at www.prosperity.com & the Legatum Institute: www.li.com

    I. Moderated Panel Discussion
    The keynote speaker for the second pillar of the FDI Summit – Competitiveness – will be Jure Stojan, Director of Research and Development at the Institute for Strategic Solutions, from the Institute for Strategic Solutions, who will share with you the latest forecast of changes in the stability of the investment environment, as well as anticipated political, social and economic uncertainties. Dr. Stojan will present the annual strategic foresight about the stability of the investment environments of the 16 Central and South East European countries. Slovenia, next to Slovakia, is the most stable investment environment among the analysed countries.

    II. Moderated Panel Discussion
    The keynote speaker for the third pillar of the FDI Summit – Talent – is Andreja Kodrin, Economic Advisor and Cabinet Member to EU Commissioner Violeta Bulc. She has led multiple mergers and acquisitions and has been a member of several supervisory boards of companies, venture funds, banks and pension funds in the Netherlands, USA, UK, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Serbia, and Slovenia. In 2009 she founded Challenge: Future, a global platform for youth innovation with 36,000 members from 213 countries. She has created a new paradigm and restored hope for the future of humanity as a whole. She firmly believes that young people are the most valuable source for creating a future with fresh, inspired and revolutionary ideas – and Slovenia certainly has the potential to be a talent hub.

    III. Moderated Panel Discussion
    Wrap-up from Giles Dilnot (Legatum Institute London) & Sonja Šmuc – Managing Director of Managers’ Association of Slovenia.